Your classes

Foundation class

Caters to everyone

Explore self defence movement rooted in ancient traditions while improving your skills in a fun and safe environment.

General class
Some experience needed
Practise your fundamental combat mechanics (striking & grappling), including modern and historic weapons.
Advanced Class 
CATERS TO black belts
Develop relaxed natural movement skills in your self defence, with the absorption and redirection of force.

Your dojo

We are happy to provide the following to our Students:

Your Practice area

Enjoy comfortable and equipped facilities.

Your classes

You will learn effective principle based movement to navigate conflict situations.

Your practice

We approach and support your individual ability to integrate movement principles.

Your environment

Our primary focus is to maintain an environment conducive to your safe and enjoyable practice.

 Your guide

Your internationally licensed teacher looks forward to sharing his experience and skills, in order to help improve your understanding and ability.

Your skills development:


  • Improved mobility!
  • Improved action & reaction!
  • Improved concentration!
  • Improved conflict Management TACTICS!
  • Improved strength & speed!
  • Improved dicipline!
  • Improved patience!
  • Improved communication and confidence!