To your journey of discovery & self empowerment

The Shizen Taijutsu Dojo (Place of Natural Movement) is an Integrative Wellness Practice, where practitioners are nurtured through various disciplines in cultivating and maintaining a state of wellbeing.

Practitioners are also assisted in the re-integration of movement practise after experiencing impingement and/or injury due to structural imbalance, possibly caused by environmental or accidental factors.

Practitioners are encouraged to pursuit activities, choices and lifestyle that lead to practicing healthy habits on a daily basis and to attain and experience better outcomes (The 6 Pillars).

  • Physical (Nourishing a healthy body through movement, food and rest).
  • Mental (Engaging through learning, problem-solving and creativity).
  • Emotional (Awareness, acceptance, expression and understanding of feelings).
  • Spiritual (Exploring the meanings and higher purpose of human existence).
  • Social (Connecting and engaging with others in meaningful ways).
  • Environmental (Fostering positive relationships between nature & human actions)
  • Breath is the essential link between body and mind.
  • Pay attention to what you are presently doing.
  • Maintain proper form, alignment, and effort during movement.
  • Radiate outward from a strong, stable, and flexible center.
  • Precision is the result of concentration, control, and centering.
  • Maintain the correct alignment and form.
  • Rhythm & flow create smooth, graceful, and functional movements.
  • Movement is fundamentally integrating fluid whole-body expression, connecting mind and body to create clarity and purpose.
  • Release unnecessary tension and understand the balance between effort and relaxation.

Our martial arts “practice forms” are born from the ancient battlefields of Japan and incorporate the disciplines of striking, grappling and weapons as tools for survival.

It is the timeless relevance of these traditional patterns that develop the structure, skills and principles needed to address and navigate violence today.

The art we practice is Bujinkan Budo Taijutsu

“The body method for the Warrior Way”.

The Warrior goal past and present, is the healthy cultivation of a strong flexible body and balanced mind. Practice assists people to connect to nature and ground themselves in the moment.